The Pros Revisited

I would just like to thank those people who offered some insight and 
encouragement to me from my question on The do they do it?
I may have sounded like a "whiner" but really wasn't. I have kind of
stepped back for awhile and decided some things about me and the ol' harp:
1. It is a hobby, not my vocation
2. I don't want to go without food to learn the harp (Cathi N.)
3. I don't want the wife and kids to leave me by practicing at 7:00 am (Cathi)
4. I do want to become as good a harp player as I can
5, The harp is a great instrument for me and I enjoy learning and playing it.
6. This list has a fantastic bunch of contributors and I thank you all for
   your assiatance in the past and for probably ignoring some of my posts
   in the past! 8-)
7. Someday I'll buy an amp and a mic but for now I'll remain acoustic..don't
   want to panic the neighbors!!


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