Re: Bad advice or not?

At  1:40 PM 1/5/95 -0600, Tim Moody wrote:

>If it <my summary -- thumb sandwich around the hole> didn't work for me I
>wouldn't have posted it.

I've done it also as an interim step in trying to master overblowing.  When
I first read your suggestion, I thought of it also as interim.  Finesse and
relaxation always seem to be the answer to these things.  When in doubt,
don't force it.  The clutch analogy. It sort of sneaks up on you and bites
you when your not lookin'  ;-)

>They way I use my hands, I have
>always considered them to be part of my embrouchure. Maybe also the distance
>between my harp and mic to be part of that. What does anyone think?

Just another "anyone" here (the more I know, the more I forget), but my
vote is to keep the lips and the hands discussion separate-but-equal, even
though they're both part of your sound. Maybe also use words like
"orthodox" or "tried and true" rather than "right".

Regards,                        -- opinions my own --
Harv <haandruss@xxxxxxx>             Zen, again?

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