EENT (Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat)

    I couldn't resist that subject line. Just feeling silly and wanted to make 
    some miscellaneous, worthless replies. I think I'm delirious from this 
    danged flu I've been fighting for over a week. Yep, I opened the door and 
    in-flu-enza.   Good grief! 8-}
    NOSE PLAYING: I've seen it done as a novelty more or less. Can EAR 
    players play three harmonicas at once?  [No further suggestions please]
    I've seen people play a melody with their mouth and play harmony with 
    their nose. I think it's kind of gross - I mean like it's enough to gag a 
    maggot. :-)
    SORE LIPS: You can take the wimpy way out and use (sparingly) some Chap 
    Stick - After a while, when your embouchure settles down you won't need it 
    any more. Actually AVON's works well, doesn't seem to leave as much 
    residue, - recommended to me by Al and Judy Smith a few years ago.
    OR -- you can develop the manly man's lips (or womanly woman's - or 
    personly person's) by having a friend smack you in the mush repeatedly 
    with a dozen or so five foot strips of split, well seasoned bamboo while 
    you whistle the Star Spangled Banner Backwards. It may not improve your 
    playing that much but it might get you a black belt in Face-Kwan-Do.
    HARD TO PLAY HIGH NOTES: Earlier tips made sense - I'd like to add one 
    more. That is; where your breath is coming from. Bring it up from your 
    diaphragm. Try this -- blow hard through a soda straw - note how it feels, 
    where the pressure comes from, etc. THIS IS WRONG. Now, get a piece of 
    plastic tubing about 1" to 1.5" in diameter and about three inches long. 
    Blow through it with all your might - note how it feels. THIS IS THE WAY 
    IT SHOULD FEEL. You might compare the feeling with fogging a mirror with 
    your breath or blowing the last few puffs of air into a large balloon. 
    Work on this technique and you will improve your reed response, 
    embouchure, and tone dramatically - across the full range of the harp.
    HEY BUZZ - Were you at the 1992 SPAH convention in Chicago? I remember 
    looking over the atrium railing down to the lobby at about 1 or 2 A.M., to 
    see if there were any happenings, and (I think it was you and some 
    friends) asked if there was a restaurant open. Me and my roomy said no, 
    but we had some groceries (we came prepared to eat cheap!). So we went to 
    our room, grabbed some chips, cookies and goodies and made a couple peanut 
    butter sandwiches and tossed them over the 3rd floor railing to the lobby 
    level below. I crack up every time I think about that.
    NEW INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: I received a HOME SPUN TAPES catalog the other 
    day and they now list a how-to video by Norton Buffalo. I'll try to 
    remember to bring in the cat. tomorrow and post price etc.
    Well I think my fever is down now - I think I did write some serious stuff 
    above but you'll have to sort it out.
         Jack Ely - Columbus, Ohio  --Internet--> IMS_ELY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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