Jack's "Stradivarius", things that go "boing"

At 11:43 AM 1/5/95 -0400, Jack Ely wrote:

>I call it my
>"Stradivarius".  There must be something good about a properly produced, wood
>comb harmonica. Mine is sweet and responsive to the lightest breath. I
>sell mine for $500. Hmmmn, maybe that's why I liked the first Hering 64's
>of the old Hohner 280) so much.

Hohner has an "Amadeus" that Farrell lists.  It goes for about the same or
a bit more if I'm not mistaken :-)    I think it has a clear plastic comb
(could be wrong), and presumed it was a higher grade than ABS plastic.
Some wood combs probably end up being air tight (part of that "something
good"), but a thin bead of silicone sealer between the reed plate and the
comb that Dick G and Chris M like to do (and Filisko?) seems like a natural
enhancement for wood combed harps, or even for plastic (refer to Chris's
post of a week or so ago). No doubt wood sounds different than plastic
Any more on the "boing" harp comb???

At 11:01:52 AM 1/3/95 -0700 (just got it today!?)
<gwinans@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I'm hoping one of you pros out there can offer a great lip remedy.

Carmex lip balm is a Minnesota winter lip necessity.  Works for me.

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