Re: Louis Myers on harp?

Tell My Story Movin was recorded after he had suffered a stroke.  Louis 
plays harp (and guitar on one cut).  It definitely wasn't one of his best 
recordings.  He seems to have lost some dexterity (which is probably 
expected.)  His harp playing is not as amplified as on the Cobra sides
and his playing is a bit more raw.  It is available from Earwig via 
mail order.  Some of the tunes on it are pretty cool.

His harp playing was also recorded on an album w/Robert Jr. Lockwood and 
the Aces.  He was also recorded by Delmark and I believe his harp playing
was featured on that as well (These sides were recently reissued on CD.  
The name of the disc is "sweet Home Chicago")  He had recorded a couple 
of other LPs under his own name and is featured on about a million other 
blues recordings.

There was an interview with him and Little Walter in an early copy of 
Living Blues.  Apparently,  he and Little Walter would swap instruments
regularly on gigs with Walter playing guitar and Louis blowing the harp.

Hope this helps a bit.



> From: haandruss@xxxxxxx (Harvey Andruss)
> Subject: Louis Myers on harp?
> _Tell My Story Movin_  is a relatively recent release (nice alliteration,
> huh?) that I'm thinking about getting...... but before I do, I thought I'd
> request feedback from knowledgeable & interested parties -- Is there
> anything else out by him?  How's his health (heard it was bad for a while,
> must be 60 something)?  Does he tour? Anything else interesting? How does
> it stack up to the newer recordings?  Post or E-mail direct. Thanx.

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