Re: Air leakage

Try this: Hold your harp in the usual "cupping"
>fashion then put it up to your mouth. Now stick both thumbs straight up and
>press them forward onto the comb and sideways into your cheeks or corners of
>your mouth. This will give you a good airtight seal at the corners of your
>mouth. You might need to play around a little as the new hand position may
>cause air leaks elsewhere in your hands. It's also a little hard to master
>tightness as you move back and forth on the harp.
Thanks for the advise, but I have tried this position and it is somewhat 
awkward for me. I noticed that Charlie Musslewhite uses such a grip in a 
photo on the cover of one of his CD's I tried it but when you play the upper 
end of the harp, you have to change your grip on the fly which, when holding 
a mic is a bit cumbersome. I think that my problem is that my lips are too 
tense on the harp. Since I now polish the harp's protruding reed plates and 
covers on a jewler's wheel, they feel just like plastic and are smooth. No 
more cuts or irritations. THe Wood comb I can live with even though it 
doesn' t taste real good!
Thanks for your advise.

>PS Joliet Joe Filisko use brass AND wood.
I sure would love to try a Filisko harp. I wonder if he has ever considered 
writing a book on customizing harps?
                          Christian Laferriere
                           Gatineau, Quebec

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