Re: I never hear Lee Oskar mentioned

A dumb but useful guitar analogy that I use: the Hohners are like Fenders,
the Oskars like Gibsons, maybe the Ultimos like Paul Reed Smiths.  Wood
combs are like maple necks, single coils, hollow bodies, and plastic combs
are like, I don't know, phenolic or graphite composite necks, humbuckers
and solid bodies.

Everybody likes what they like, nobody's really a stick in the mud for
staying with something that works, or a rebel for using something new, but
you should try to try all (or most) of them for yourself and explore the
technique variations implied by each.  Just because something costs less to
make, doesn't always mean the end result is worse, eg. I think it's
generally accepted that plastic surfaces mate better with metal for better
air tightness. 'Nuther no-win argument, but the reasons why you like
something generally spawn enjoyable technique discussions (for me anyway),
even if parts are a bit redundant.  My 2 senseless cents. I bet an archive
plow of "Oskar" would give you at least 50 pages.

Regards,                        -- opinions my own --
Harv <haandruss@xxxxxxx>        Like my Oskars, Melodies and 270

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