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At 11:17 PM 1/4/95 -0500, Christian Laferriere wrote:

>Interresting about Blackie Shackner's book.

<summary - don't buy it, buy Steve Baker's Harmonic Handbook instead>

OK, Mr. Myers passed on a few months back (oops, sorry) and Blackie can't
write well (I think he can read though ;-).  Most would concur that the
Baker book is a must-have for diatonic players for all sorts of subjects,
not just repair. In fact, I don't have it handy here and haven't looked at
it for a while so I don't recall the repair/maintenance parts, but the
reason I bought the Shackner thing was it had something on chromatics.  I
am not aware of too much available here (except for Dick G's unbound
papers), so it got me what I needed (enlightened us both somewhat) even
though it is a hobbyist-only level effort. I am also not aware of any
overlap it has with his "everything you always wanted to know about" blues
harp  or chromatic books. There's a bio on Shackner in the Farrell catalog.

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