Re: Future of the Marine Band (L. Walter)

Kim Field said:

>I'm glad to hear that you're working on not playing quite so hard. Over
>Overplaying is far and away the most common problem among harp players.
>It's especially apparent in a lot of the Little Walter imitators; it's
>very obvious from his recordings that Walter played very relaxed and at
>a fairly low volume most of the time and let the amp do the work.
I can agree with this statement in oart, but I think it might be misleading.  I think
one of the strengths of Little Walter's playing is his use of dynamic range.  Yes,
he does play very relaxed and easy at times, but they are contrasted by the 
times he totally honks on the 2 draw.  On these mainly rhythmic passages he's
blasting and it's a big, fat, open throat that's getting the tone.  The other thing 
(I'm getting away from my original point and turning this into a LW discusion, but ...)
I find really fantasitic about his playing is how he slips incredible grace "licks"
(they're more than one note) inbetween the syncopated notes which he pounds 
into the mix.  The easiest example that most anyone has in their collection is Juke.  
(I'm not writing this to correct Kim in any way, I just wanted to expand on what he
said 'cause I thought it might confuse a new player.)  Listen to Juke and sit with a
pen and paper.  Write down what Walter does with each progression.  Note things
like volume, notes he's playing, how is he attacking the notes, does he use the 
same turnaround, listen for the time signature changes, whatever you hear.  Listen
to what the band is doing behind Little Walter for cues an what to tell other
players in your band to do.  I have been listening to this one again and going
back, trying to pull it out note for note concentrating on the phrasing and I 
have been again reminded what an incredible instrumental it is.  I can't
help but wonder if Little Walter actually wrote it out, or did he just play it.  He 
was truly a genious IMHO. 

Bernie Clarke
"Don't start me to talkin', I'll tell everything I know" - SBWII

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