Re: I never hear Lee Oskar mentioned

> Just about all I ever hear mentioned are the various Hohner harps. Doesn't
> anybody else swear by their Lee Oskars? I have tried them all, been playing
> for 15+ years now, and they are the best sounding and most durable I have
> come across. A lot of harp for the money. Only other one that comes close
> is the Meisterklasse, but hey--I can afford only one of those every 10
> years.

I've only just got my first LO and I think I'll be switching over
completely. They have a lovely positive feel, bends come in well.
Clean blow bends. What more do I want? They're a bit more expensive
than my Marine Bands (18 pounds against about 13, say $30 vs $20)
but you can actually get replacement parts and, I'm told, they last
a bit longer.

I'm lying on the bathroom floor, praying to the Lord,
I swear I'll never drink no more if this is my reward.

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