Air leakage

:seal either. The air seems to leak from betweent he comb and the side of my 
:mouth. I will try and work on relaxing my technique somewhat and see.

I know we've all seen those drawing on how to hold your harp, but the
reality is that everyone holds it a little different. Our hands are all
shaped a little differently. Try this: Hold your harp in the usual "cupping"
fashion then put it up to your mouth. Now stick both thumbs straight up and
press them forward onto the comb and sideways into your cheeks or corners of
your mouth. This will give you a good airtight seal at the corners of your
mouth. You might need to play around a little as the new hand position may
cause air leaks elsewhere in your hands. It's also a little hard to master
tightness as you move back and forth on the harp.

Hope it helps a little........


PS Joliet Joe Filisko use brass AND wood.

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