Louis Myers on harp?

Been kinda slow, so a small request that shows my ignorance (not a troll :-):

I have heard from a tape copy a friend gave me a few harp instrumental
tunes on _Chicago Blues Harmonicas_  by Louis Myers, usually thought of as
the guitarist for Jr. Wells and Little Walter in the 50s, and I liked them.

_Tell My Story Movin_  is a relatively recent release (nice alliteration,
huh?) that I'm thinking about getting...... but before I do, I thought I'd
request feedback from knowledgeable & interested parties -- Is there
anything else out by him?  How's his health (heard it was bad for a while,
must be 60 something)?  Does he tour? Anything else interesting? How does
it stack up to the newer recordings?  Post or E-mail direct. Thanx.

ps -- u can blow your harp, u can blow your nose, u can blow smoke, but u
can't blow your friend's smoky harp thru his nose.

Regards,                        -- opinions my own --
Harv <haandruss@xxxxxxx>  -- the smoker you drink, the player i sneeze.

Regards,                        -- opinions my own --
Harv <haandruss@xxxxxxx>   

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