Re: Tunings

>      Also Magic dick has taken it into his head to start patenting a
number of different tuning layouts . One of which is the same as the Lee
Oskar Melody Maker but patented some two years after the  Melody Maker was
commercially available. This is an example of another invalid patent, even
by the US patent laws , which like there copyright laws are different from
those territories which were a party to the Berne agreement(Western Europe,
Malaysia ,Canada, Australia New Zeland Etc).

I'm trying to remember when the Lee Oskar started selling the Melody Maker.
I started using the tuning myself in 1985--I know MM's weren't available yet
(at least I don't think they were).  I was playing at church and wanted to
get a major scale in cross position, so I started tinkering.  I'm sure other
people must have discovered the tuning long before that.


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