Re: Tunings

At 3:19 PM 4/3/95, Harvey Andruss wrote:
>I agree that "Lydian" F might be a better label for blow position MM in
>cross C, but LO does a good job of explaining their new convention of
>starting their dorian scale on hole 3 blow, etc  Might be nice to have a
>new ~application note~  that has another dimension added to the table for
>the other modes for each position.

So the straight dorian scale(no bends) is the same blow/draw pattern as 6th
position on a "standard" Richter model where we get the fairly uncommon
locrian scale. I'm not familiar with this harp but am I to understand that
an MM is also labeled as a "dorian" harp? Does LO also point out that a 6th
position major scale is available on the natural minor harps? This is good
info to understand but it just seems odd to market harps based on 6th


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