Harper's Hi to All!

And thanks Mike, for some equipment ideas.  This post was inspired by 
some thoughtful discussion on another mail-list, Photo-L for photographers.

One common ground you all have with photographers is expensive equipment 
and the problem of if, how or when to insure it.  Some photogs said you 
could add riders to homeowner's or some other property insurance, but then
later found out by consulting their agents that sometimes coverage is 
restricted to equipment ONLY IF it is NOT used for "primary occupational
purposes."  In such cases, you may need to have independent protection.
Others who's equipment was utilized only in what might be kindly called
"a non-profit venture" (or "expensive HOBBY" :-)) could possibly be covered
under an existing policy for $10-20 more per year.  The main point I've 
drawn from what I've read is that you should talk to your agent about the 
various possible solutions, but that insuring yourself against any costly
losses might be wise. 

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