Re: Norman & David's post

> Likewise if anyone on this list is involved in the business side of the
> harmonica world, I would welcome the occasional informative mailing about
> where I can find out more.  Especially if I'm offered a discount for being a
> harp-l'er :)

I also would see no harm in an "occasional" post plugging a harmonica
related business.  I have plugged my gigs here, and I would hope that
others would do likewise.  If other Harp-L'ers are playing locally, I
would be most disappointed if I didn't know.  Also, if someone has a
service, product, etc., I would see no harm in the occasional spot. 

What may have concerned some was the multiple postings over just a couple 
of days.

While I didn't send personal mail (but I didn't post anything to the
group, either), I would be most surprised if others had not done so.

These things happen, and it behooves us to be patient and forgiving.  Who 
knows when we'll need it ourselves ;-)

 -- mike

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