Re: Norman & David's post

At 08:30 PM 4/3/95 EDT, Steve Jennings wrote:
>Both David and Norman are very good personal friends of mine (among the few
>people outside my _very_ immediate family I would trust with my life), and I
>hate to see this sort of reaction

Seconded to the n'th degree.

Anyone who picks a fight with Norm & Dave is picking a fight with me and
Steve ('ere, Steve, watch my back and grab that pool cue ... I think that
guy over their spilled your pint).

Such people will also be alienating anyone else that N&D have similarly
touched and enriched the lives of in their combined 50+ years of living,
breathing, eating, dreaming and being harmonicas.

This is a small, closed list for harmonica enthusiasts.  Yes, we need to
make sure that we don't end up being bombarded every day with junk harp
sales literature.  But if people who have dedicated their entire lives to
"the advancement of the harmonica" cannot offer their services on this list,
I for one don't want to be on it any more.

I usually put up with the self appointed net.policefolk because it's a
shitty job that somebody has to do.  This time I wish to register my
objections, and state that I for one would welcome a once monthly post from
N&D advertising the existence of their business ventures, and any important
updates they feel are necessary in between.  For instance, if they plan any
seminars in the U.S., I *want* to know about it.

Likewise if anyone on this list is involved in the business side of the
harmonica world, I would welcome the occasional informative mailing about
where I can find out more.  Especially if I'm offered a discount for being a
harp-l'er :)

If people have a problem with this I am more than willing to start up
another mailing list, something like harp-commerce-l, specifically for the
dissemination of commercially relevant harmonica information.  I'd make it
moderated, and point any ensuing discussions over to harp-l.  

Any takers?

>Steve Jennings
>Editor, Harmonica World

Yo Steve.

   -- hugh
"You can get one of them from Norman"

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