Re: Norman & David's post


Errrrmmmm.... if Norman saying "Hi, here I am, I sell harp-related stuff and
here's how you contact me, and here's how you can pay if you so desire" _does_
constitute advertising, how come 
"Pignose can be had for $69.50 with $5.95 S&H from American Musical Supply,
Musician's Discount Catalog, and for $69.88 plus $6.95 S&H from Musician's...
etc" _doesn't_ constitute advertising ???? (sorry, whoever posted that, nothing

Just wondering.

Does all this mean I am no longer allowed to say I edit Harmonica World
magazine, because to say so is to advertise? I thought putting the name of my
magazine at the end of each post would be useful information for people with a
common interest, as, no doubt, do Tim at Mississippi Saxophone,  Winslow at HIP
and Bob at SPAH?? (Good call Bob, by the way). This leaves aside all the posts
we see about various harp conventions, gigs and such in the States that we see
on Harp-L. Does anyone consider that such posts are _advertising_?? - of course
not - they provide exactly what Norman was trying to provide - useful
information for a community with a common interest. If he had posted a complete
catalogue, with prices, then he would obviously have been at fault - but he

A clear definition of when a spade is really a shovel would be appreciated.

Both David and Norman are very good personal friends of mine (among the few
people outside my _very_ immediate family I would trust with my life), and I
hate to see this sort of reaction - they've only been in contact with the
outside world via computer since Friday - I know because I, personally - a)
fitted the modem for them and b) installed the software and c) signed them up to
CompuServe (whose rules on advertising seem to state that it is acceptable to
advertise a service on the net, but not to quote particular goods and/or prices
for them, unless it be by private mail). So really, if anybody is to be flamed
over this, it should be me (or, more properly _I_ (I think)). 

Steve Jennings
Editor, Harmonica World (oops! not an advert - I've got more readers than I know
what to do with - honest!!)

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