sorry !

Hi, This is David Michelsen of Norman's Harmonica Centre here. As yet we can not
see the Harp L notice board ,though we have applied for subcription; We have
been mailed that we have posted what has been concidered an advertisment and
that this is not the done thing on Harp-L and that in so doing we have upset
some folks. We are sorry for this breach of form but no one told us anything at
all when we signed up with Compuserve, we would be glad if some one would tell
us just what the form is.The offending payment info came as part of a 'sent in
error' session to harpL, we thought that that part of the message was only being
sent to one individuals address, We are very new to all this stuff, harps and
music we know but computers and networks we don't know so good yet.  
 One of the things that we offer is a 'no charge from us', information line (we
have done this by phone and post for 5 years). We are happy to do our best to
answer any questions on anything that relates to the harp in any way. With this
we feel that we are entering into the spirit of Harp-L, are we right in this
feeling? please post direct to us rather than the the harp-L board as we can't
see it yet.
David Michelsen AKA Dr Midnight at Norman's Harmonica Centre 

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