Equipment prices

	I've read about different suggestions for amps, mics, effects and
of course harmonicas around here but not so much about prices.  I new to this
and really don't have all that much money to devote to this as I'm not much of
a musician and school is a drain on my resources.
	How much for a beginers (read: cheap) mic and practice amp?  Just
something to mess around with a more distorted sound.  What about effects,
echo, distortion, reverb? (any I'm forgetting?)  I'm not so concerned about
these right now because I'm clearly not ready for them but I am courious.
So far the closest I've come to amp is one night I was home alone and plugged
a pair of headsets in to my stereo, fiddled with the equalizer and made some
suprizingly good recordings.

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