Primich Gig

On Mon, 3 Apr 1995, Cathi Norton asked:
> Bobbie....
>    How did you like the Primich show?!?
>    Oops...shot off that former post without checking to see  
> you'd already reviewed Primich.  Glad you enjoyed his  
> show...he's a character and a good friend.

Well, we're even...I wired off mine without checking the spelling of your 
name!  Apologies are from here.

Obviously, we had a ball!  He was warmly received in Tally, and he joked 
that he'd like themselves to become Dave's CC Club's "House Band", which 
encouraged me and others that he'll be back!  He was very accessible and 
friendly, taking time with anyone like me to talk (or sign an E-flat harp
case--mine, anyway!)  He really got a kick out of hearing about his fame 
on Harp-L and how that was why, when I saw notice of his coming to town, 
that I just had to go see this guy! 8-)

BTW, in rereading my review post, I saw where I said "northwest" instead 
of northeast for the location of the club--hope no one in nearby Harp-L 
land tried to find it by my directions.  It's a joke in my family how I 
have left-right, east-west, etc., problems--I really have a good sense of 
direction, unless I have to TELL someone else. %)  (Maybe because I'm 
lefthanded!  Go figure. :-)))

Till next,                              
....Bobbie                           *Harp-L:  "Harmonic Convergence"??*

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