Re: Lee Oskar (MM)

Good Day,

In the Lee Oskar documentation, it DOES say that first position on the "C"
Melody Maker is a Dorian Dm......that Major 2nd is a C....that Dominant 3rd
is G........and that the Minor 4th is an Am.

But there's an asterisk (*) by the C, where below, the humorous quote is
"Merody Makers are labeled in cross-harp (2nd pos,)"  Must have been the
Japanese printers typo.

Also, natural minor harmonicas are labeled in cross-harp position, as well,
where on an Am harp, a Dorian Dm is the first position.

I do, however have a question regarding the other positions 5th through 12th.
 If we were following a circle of fifths would:  5th position = E; 6th
position B; 7th position = F# or Gb; 8th position = C# or Db; 9th position =
 Ab; 10th position = Eb; 11th position = Bb and 12th position =
F..............?   And, if so, since these are not all major
scales...........what are they?  

And, how difficult is it to play in 8th position?

I'm sure I'm not getting something here.........but I definitely AM
interested in the other positions and which actual scales they
are............might be good FAQ info for upcoming FAQ, as well.

Thanks guys,


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