Re: Primich

For: Kim Hansen <khansen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Kim,

Just got the computer away from my son (if he's not hooked up to his 
keyboards midi-wise, it's homework or some role-playing game!)

> Was he worried about people playing along?  I wouldn't even think of 
> doing that.  How could you anyway?  You'd miss hearing him!  

No, I don't think he was worried, and NO WAY would I do such a bonehead 
thing!  But, if you've read about it on the List, there really are jokers 
who have the unmitigated temerity to ruin a performer's evening that way.

> Did he play any chromatic?  Or was it all diatonic?  As if diatonic alone 
> wouldn't be enough!:)

He played both, but only one or two on the chromatic.  He used the voice 
mic for singing and harping most of the time (looked like a Shure--but I'm 
not.  "Sure", that is!  tee:)hee:))  He also uses a green bullet.  He gets
down with and among the audience for some high-end moanin' and cryin' sans
mic that was really fun to watch and wonder at his skill and control.

I can almost guarantee that you will have a terrific time if you go see him!

Till next,                              
....Bobbie                                            *Harp Spoken Here*

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