Little Annie Raines/Paul Rishell itinerary

 Hey everybody, Little Annie here at the wonderful Tone-Cool computer.  Paul
and I are leaving for England tomorrow and things are even more hectic than
usual!  Here at last is our itinerary after the UK tour (which was posted on
March 8, '95):
DATE           CITY                                VENUE
4/28          Saratoga Springs, NY         Caffe Lena
4/29          Storrs, CT                         Schmedley's
5/3            Maynard, MA                      Sit'n'Bull Pub   8:30 1 set
5/5            Shirley, MA                       The Bull Run
5/6            Marblehead, MA                 Sat. Nite In Marblehead
                                                            @ Church of St
5/9            Syracuse, NY                     Dinosaur BBQ (band)
5/10          Rochester, NY                   Red Creek (band)
5/11          Buffalo, NY                       The Mohawk
5/16          Somerville, MA                 Johnny D's
5/17          Maynard, MA                     Sit'n'Bull Pub   8:30  1 set
5/18          Bellmore, NY                    Brokerage Club
5/20          Springfield, MA                Theodore's - opening for 
                                                             Savoy Brown
5/25          Latham, NY                       Mill Road Acres-tentative
5/26          Brattleboro, VT                Common Ground -tent.-
5/27          Portsmouth, NH                The Press Room
6/7            Boston, MA                       Scullers -opening for
                                                           Bruce Katz Band
6/10          Hull, MA                           Atlantic Bar&Grill-tent.-
6/16-6/22  Port Townsend, WA         Port Townsend Blues                
6/25           Nijmegen, HOLLAND         Midzomer Blues Festival
7/1-2         Davenport, IA                Mississippi Valley Blues Fest
7/11-13     Blue Hill, ME                  Left Bank Blues Fest -tent.-
7/22(day)   Levittown, PA              Bucks County Blues soc. Picnic
7/22(night)Levittown, PA                  Sparky's
7/25-7/29  New Milford, CT           National Guitar Summer Wkshp
8/8-21        Nantucket, MA             The Brotherhood

Well, I guess that's enough for now.  Sorry it's so long, but reading it is
much easier than typing it!  <<:-p  
--You can Email ToneCool for more info.--
Here's a good one heard from Kevin Thorpe in England:
Q: What does a musician do when he/she wins the lottery?
A: Keep working 'til the money runs out
Have a great April y'all, hope to chat again down the road a piece.

Annie "What-me-Worry-About-Airplanes" Raines 

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