Re: Lee Oskar (MM)

The info. so far on this has been good, but I think it's *highly* debatable as
to whether 1st position on a C MM is Dm(dorian) - this goes against all the
currently accepted theory relating to the numbering of the positions, which is
based on the cycle of fifths. Applying this principle, assuming C to be 2nd
position, means that first position is actually F (Lydian in this case), third
is G (mixolydian) and fourth position is D (dorian) etc. 
I still don't really understand quite why Lee Oskar decided to label the
instruments this way, but I guess there was a very valid reason for it. Of
course, in the end, what you call it ain't the point, it's the sounds you get
out of it, and I concur, it's a very useful tuning, indeed, I had been using it
myself for several years before Lee Oskar began to market them.

Steve Jennings,
Editor, Harmonica World

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