Copy of: Harmonicas

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From:	Norman Ives, 100552,2636
TO:	Harp List, INTERNET:harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DATE:	02/04/95 06:51

RE:	Copy of: Harmonicas

Norman's Harmonica Centre is now on the net and can be contacted on Compuserve
100552,2636. We will take orders over the net and we take Access, Visa &
Mastercard or international money orders in Pounds sterling. If you want a
catalouge then send to Norman's Harmonica Centre, 1 Links Close, Caister-on-Sea,
Norfolk, NR30 5DD, England. Folks wanting to contribute to the mailing costs can
send a donation to Harp Start the childrens harmonica charity.
We also run an info service so get in touch. Yours Dr Midnight

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