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Greetings, Harp-Lers!

Got to last night's meet with Gary Primich and company in a haunt so 
remote on a stormy night that even he spiced the evening with nervous 
jokes about 4-wheel drives slogging through mud to reach it, or better, 
get out of it.  A rain-imbued chill outside was defied by harp-inspired 
heat inside.

His show was a winner in a joint where patrons almost expect the blues.
The small block house with a smattering of tables for early arrivals, a
corner bar, and generous space for band-front body bustin' was ripe for 
music Primich-style.  The first set overflowed with harp, and most of the 
patrons were content to listen and applaud.  The next two sets drew more 
to the floor and Primich used more guitar and voice as the night grew 
long.  I would have enjoyed more harp, of course, but he and his band, 
drummer, bass and lead guitar (a fellow by the name of "Shorty", also  
quite talented) probably read the crowd right and served up some snappy 
dancing lures.  We crowded the floors till the doors had to be left open 
to vent the heat!    

And here's a dose of reality for all of you (us)...when he asked who had 
a CD or tape of his music..........nobody.  Ouch!

I spoke with him about Harp-L and of course he mentioned his "good friend"
Cathy who updates him of our interests and doings.  I gave him a message 
I printed out from a subscriber and he wrote a note for me to send back.  
It was a very enjoyable night, we got out without getting mud-stuck, and 

Till next,                              
....Bobbie                 *Love to hear a reed that bends with the wind*

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