Re: Lee Oskar (MM)

> The Melody Maker is tuned differently to an ordinary Diatonic
> to enable you to play melodies without having to bend too many notes..
> A more technical description will probably follow ;-)
Melody Makers are interesting harps indeed. I have heard Lee and others 
make play incredible music on these harps.  They are tuned as follows...

1 2 3 4 5  6 7 8 9  10
C|E|A|C|E |G|C|E|G |C

However I personally don't like the 9 draw tuned half a step sharp,  I 
feel that particular note looses some it's "funkyness" when you can't 
bend that note.  Anyone who's proficient enough at bending those top note 
will have no problem getting that F# when they need it. 

-Chris Michalek

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