Re: Lee Oskar recommendation?

On Fri, 31 Mar 1995, Steven D. Levine wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good Lee Oskar (or WAR) recording? I found three 
> on the cdconnection: Before the Rain, Lee Oskar, and My Road Our Road. I 
> haven't heard any of his solo stuff, and very few WAR recordings and I 
> was wondering which one to start with.

Any of his three solos albums would be a better choice than any of the 
WAR recordings, because with WAR he was more in the backgroud and not so 
easily heard.  But if you must get some WAR which is very cool, try the 
new WAR Anthology, it has everything that was popular, and Lee plays some 
monster horn lines on the harp.

-Chris Michalek

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