A few of the many other things Tommy Morgan has done are: films Westworld (w/
Yul Brynner), Magic (chord harmonica as theme for the evil dummy), TV's Dukes
of Hazzard, Elvis Presley's 1968 TV Comeback Special (& album), and many
other artist recordings: Linda Ronstadt's "Skylark" on her album Lush LIfe
with Nelson Riddle Orchestra (1984), Toni Tennile's "I Got It Bad" and "Do
Nothing Til You Hear From Me" on her album More Than You Know (1984), and
many others.

Charlie McCoy started in Nashville as a country/rock band leader, fronting
such groups as The Escorts, Area Code 615, and Barefoot Jerry, and as a
studio musician, played on many artists' recordings, such as Elvis' "Big Boss
Man" & "High Heel Sneakers" plus 7 Elvis films, Roy Orbison's "Candy Man"
(1961) & "Blue Bayou" (1963), Johnny Cash's "Orange Blossom Special" (1965),
Johnny Paycheck's "Take This Job & Shove It" (1977), Anne Murray's
"Nevertheless" (1980), George Burns' "The Arizona Whiz", "Old Dogs, Children
& Watermelon Wine", and "A Real Good Cigar" (1980), Dan Fogelberg's "Sutter's
Mill" and "Shallow Rivers" from his High Country Snows album (1985), Bob
Dylan's "Rainy Day Women - #12 & 35" (Everybody Must Get Stoned), Simon &
Garfunkels' "The Boxer", Waylon Jennings' "Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line",
etc .  Charlie plays some great bass harp on his Christmas album on a medley
he calls "Christmas Cheer" (1974) - on that particular selection he plays 6
harps, plus guitar and sax, dubbed the Charlie McCoy Music Machine.

To Boris Descenes: the Lee Oskar Melody Maker is labeled in cross harp, or
2nd position, thus the notation on the right end: "2nd C", meaning it is a
key of C MM.  The notation on the left end, 1st Dm(d), signifies that if
played in first position, the key is D minor, dorian mode.  The C Melody
Maker is retuned from an F Major harp, by raising the 3rd hole blow one full
step from C to D, and the 5th and 9th holes draw 1/2 step, from Bb to B.  The
Melody Makers are made in 5 keys (A, C, D, E & G), but if someone needs
another key, such as F, select a Bb Major (from the circle of 5ths), and
using the above scheme, retune the 3rd blow up 1 step, and the 5th & 9th
draws up 1/2 step - and you have an F Melody Maker!

Back at you later -  Danny Wilson (BassHarp)

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