Re: The Howard Levy Five Day ...

On Tuesday night, I went down to the Jazz Buffet in Chicago to see Howard
Levy on the first night of hig 5-night stint.  Tuesday night was blues night
and Howard played just about every kind of blues imaginable and unimaginable.
 I've seen Howard many times but this was the best of all.

The audience was almost as famous as the people on stage.  Joe Filisko, Larry
Eiserman (the Iceman), Carlos del Junco, and many more too numerous to mention
.  The band members were Ruben Alvarez on drums, bassist Eric Hochberg,
guitarist Phil Miller and last but certainly not least, keyboardist Chris
Cameron (alias, Hambone).  

Howard was brilliant, as usual.  He played piano, penny whistle, ocarina,
jews harp, mandolin and, of course, harmonica.  They played New Orleans
blues, blues tangos, four-bar and eight-bar blues, East Indian blues (have
you ever heard that before?), and you could tell they were having a great
time.   Eric did  most of the singing and Phil did one song, Chris did one
song and Howard sang two songs.  There is no end to his talent.  Speaking of
talent,  this is one of the most talented bands I've ever seen.  I would go
see any one of these guys in any band but I must say something about Ruben
Alvarez:  he is the most incredible drummer and the most joyous to watch.  I
wish I was more articulate at describing what I saw and heard.  You really
had to be there and if Howard, Ruben, Eric or Phil come to your town, you
should go see them, no matter what!

                                  Buzz Krantz, President, Windy City
Harmonica Club

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