Various inquiries

Harps- What are you're opinions of Huangs?  I'm tempted to buy one just
because I seem to go through harps at a rapid pace and they're so cheap. 
Also, any info. on the slide harps.  This sounds attractive to me, but
without good recommendations, I don't want to waste the money.

Mics-Any recommendations on mics?  Here are some that I was considering,
in case you have comments; Hohner Blues Blaster, JT 30VC.  Anything else
that anyone would like to recommend?  Also, how does it sound to sing
through these?  

Amps- Let's see, I've asked about this before, and it seems that
individual opinions are very important.  Anyways, I figure on ordering a
mic and going around to try out amps.  Since I don't know much about amps
in general, and nothing about repair, I'm timid about buying used amps. 
Anyways, any input you've got would be helpful.  Thanks a lot for any help
you can give me.  


p.s. perhaps answers to the above questions might want to be included in
the FAQ.  

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