Problems with Harp-L-Digest

Hi Folks,

This message is in regards to yesterday's "lacking" digest.

I was informed just a while ago that the digest seemed to be missing
serveral messages (from what was listed in the Table of Contents).

I checked and the Archive file was again split in two parts (for the
second time this month...for the third month in a row), which is a
side-effect of our cluster having TWO mailers.

I'm not sure if/how that affects the digests...but if it did, you can
now get the ENTIRE month via the archive address (send email to
archives@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx that says:  SEND HARP-L.1994-10).

That will send you the Archive for the ENTIRE month of October...but
at least you won't be missing any of them.

I'll try to see if the Sys-Admin can fix the problem permanently.



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