Re: Few songs...

>I would really appreciate it. I have
>picked up Beatles love me do (very easy), and part of piano
>man.  Just looking for something to play around with.

You don't want to do this!
STOP NOW while you still have a chance.
Before you know it you'll have five different kinds of harps
in all keys and half a dozen expensive microphones and 
listen to Little Walter constantly. Your wife will start complaining about
the $800 amplifier you just had to have. You lips will have blisters and then
rough spots. You'll wait by the mailbox 
looking for Kevin's new catalog. You'll follow bass players 
around (once you find them you can't let them get out of your sight.). Your
personal appearance will go to hell. You get 
addicted to beer because its the only thing that lubricates 
your lips right. You'll sit by your computer for hours waiting 
for a new Harp-L post. You'll dream about that perfect 2 
draw double bend (just the right tone, just the right vibrato,
just the right soul). You'll sit in you car through several 
green and red lights trying to get an overblow right while 
everyone honks at you.

Harmonicas are hell, I tell you, HELL!!!

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