Re: capacitors etc.

At  7:53 AM 10/28/94 -0700, Steve Ino wrote:
>I'm brand new to this list. I don't mean to be rude, but judging from the
>past week or so this list looks a lot like ELECTRONICS-L instead of HARP-L.
>Is this typical of this list? Again, I'm not being sarcastic or anything; I
>just want to know what to expect.

The cap 'thread' is not exactly typical from what I've seen, although it is
deeply fascinating.  Personally I love seeing folks who understand this
stuff discuss it.  I'm just waiting for the final decision - should I stick
a cap in my bullet or not?

>I guess I expected more talk about harp players, more about technique, etc.
>Don't get me wrong -- I love talk about mics and amps, but the stuff about
>pots and capacitors etc. threw me off when the thread went on and on.

Wait a while, you'll see more on technique, styles, players etc. than you
can shake a stick at ...


   -- hugh

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