Re: Blues Blaster Mic - Capacitor

>Well I got my BB apart and low and behold the cap in question has no
>marked value.  I guess I'll just have to call CTI. FJM

That's exactly what I found. I took mine apart and semi-evaluated the
circuit. When the pot is either full-on or full-off, the cap is out of the
circuit. It also has no bearing on impedance matching with the amp. The cap
is in parallel with the crystal side of the pot(I wish I could draw the
circuit here). It acts as a high-pass filter in this situation where the
3dB frequency is somewhere below 100HZ. I don't believe that a harmonica
generates frequencies below that anyway so I'm going to guess that the cap
is in the circuit to improve transient responses when the pot is turned.
Correct me if I'm wrong here boys & girls.


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