gifs, home pages, faqs and what next?

Like the GIFs, and although mostly a diatonic player, I like the chromatic
one the best.  Now what?  And what's up with the FAQ?

Missed Kim Wilson last nite cuz everyone's sick here, and am I bummed !
(sorry Chris, what else is new  :( But how 'bout them vikes?:)

When's HHHB, the sequel coming out (or the movie)??? :) :)

Very dumb question:  Isn't most music basically memorized and the printed
sheets are there for accuracy and as a back-up?  I don't mean the playing
situation where you play from sheet music cold, but 'the recital' where
you've practiced and practiced (or whatever 'legitmate music' means to you,
including situations where improvisation is expected).

Harv       haandruss@xxxxxxx - opinions my own,
                               and with a memory like mine,
                               needs a fake book to find the door

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