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>Date: 19 Oct 1994 07:48:28 +0700 (SST)
>From: Tan Cheng Ann <BA2319140@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: harp in kuala lumpur?
>Message-ID: <01HIGBJGQDHE96WKNH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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>p.s. with the recent debate over black and white playing the blues...
>     i guess it would be worse to picture a chinese playing some blues!


I was at the 1991 Championships in Detroit, and  *think* the winner of
the Blues competition was a young Japanese guy! :)

BTW, if a white musician isn't supposed to play blues, does that bar me
from playing Celtic music because I wasn't born in Ireland or Scotland--
and some of my ancestors came from Germany??? ;)

Happy tooting--Tim

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