>It really depends on the chords.  Wide chords and octaves sound better on
>the Oskars.  3 note chords  work better on most Hohners.  The exception
>would be Golden Melodys because their tuning is different.  I do retune
>my Lee Oskars.  Not because they're flat though.  Because I have a
>different prefference in tuning than Tombo does.  FJM

Does anyone know what the "equal" tuning is for the Hohner's? According to
my sources, only the Golden Melody, Meisterklasse and the ORCH-I diatonics
are equal tempered tuning. All other diatonics, including tremelo & octave
models are just tempered. All chromatics(except the Koch) and all
orchestral models are also equal tempered.

Rick Barker

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