More Responses to Old Posts

Hello All -

Sure enjoy reading Winslow's knowledgeable and interesting posts - and
 appreciate his recognition of misleading and error-ridden posts without
flaming.  Constructive criticism is both healthy and necessary for the good
of all.  While the efforts to share a person's thoughts and ideas are
commendable - and are usually done in the sincerity of helping others - they
are not always the result of tried and true methods, but rather carry an
overbalance of personal opinion and unresearched ideas.  However, this is not
always bad, because the thought-provoking process has been launched, and will
usually stir those who are knowledgeable to respond.  That is the whole idea
of the forum, and the objective has been attained!

Also enjoyed reading the various posts regarding the recent SPAH convention
in Memphis - guess I really missed a great one.

A few comments on Danny Welton, who helped to make the convention one that
won't be soon forgotten:  the comments made regarding his playing are not
surprising - he has made a name for himself over the years as a player.  I
have video tapes of him playing on the old Liberace show (taken from the
Nostalgia Cable Channel), as well as films he appeared in as an
actor/harmonica player such as Marlon Brando's motorcycle gang film of the
'50s, "The Wild Ones" and (of all things) "Meet Danny Wilson", starring Frank
Sinatra and Shelley Winters (1953).  Like him or not, he has been around and
done a lot of things.  HOWEVER - he did not conduct himself in a professional
manner at the SPAH convention, as witnessed by hundreds.  I know Danny Welton
well, but I will not try to defend him in any way for what happened in
Memphis.  IN HIS OWN MIND - he is the world's greatest harmonica player, and
truly believes it - but isn't that show-biz?  The problem arises when a
person's ego becomes so over-powering to the exclusion of all others.  He
expected the people at SPAH to bow down to him, and when it became apparent
that they would not, he lost it!  (I attended a concert he headlined with six
other great acts, just one week before his SPAH appearance, in which he
announced, knowing I was in the audience as his guest, that he was going to a
gathering of the world's greatest harmonica players in Memphis the following
week, where he would be accepting the Harmonica Player of the Year Award -
and he actually believed it!  (Note:  Ron Kalina, who is a chromatic jazz
harmonicist and pianist with many Hollywood film and TV credits, was the
pianist in the orchestra backing Danny, and also heard the comments.)  I had
already explained to him the workings of the Award, and that it is not based
on the number of recordings you sell, but rather an acknowledgement of the
contributions a person makes in "spreading the gospel" of the harmonica.  It
is not actually necessary to be a player to become the recipient of the
award.  Many novices and even non-players are involved in education of the
youth, assisting the elderly, etc, and just bringing the joy of the harmonica
to the people of their communities.  The award can just as easily be won by a
top professional - but not for his stage appearances or number of recordings
sold.  Finally, it is an award selected by popular vote of the membership at
large, recognizing a worthy recipient.  Back to Danny Welton - he called me
on Sunday night when he arrived home from the convention to tell me in his
own words what had happened.  His was the first report I had heard.  Guess
what - his version of the proceedings was no different from what I later
heard from many others, and then read on Harp-L!  Except that he thought he
had been mistreated, misunderstood, and not accepted in the way he expected.
 I have discussed this with him a number of times since, and he is still a
victim of his ego.  (I have heard rumors that he suffers from a
manic-depressive state, but I have not discussed this with either his wife
Melody or himself.  So I would not choose to be quoted on this, but if it is
fact, then he is probably a very ill individual, and in that case, some
allowance should be given for his actions.)

There have been several references to Brody Buster and his age - he was 9 at
the SPAH convention, but has since had a birthday, and is now 10 years old.
 His first name is BRODY, his last name is BUSTER, and his parents are Mr. &
Mrs. Curtis BUSTER.  Hope that clears that one up.

For those of you who have not yet attended a SPAH Convention, you have
probably missed seeing many of the names that keep turning up on the List -
names like Sugar Blue, Peter Madcat Ruth, Corky Siegel, George Wild Child
Butler, Jerry Portnoy, Charlie Musselwhite, Steve Baker, Roland van Straaten,
Lee Oskar, Little Sonny, Robert Bonfiglio, etc. etc.  Most of them have been
there more than once.  SPAH has featured a Blues Night (usually on Thursday)
for many years.  Don't miss it.

Enough for now - back at you soon.  -  BassHarp

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