Re: clean pucker

At  1:05 AM 10/14/94 +0700, Tan Cheng Ann wrote:
>how about this? i am answering my own question...
>i finally managed to get a clean pucker. followed some tips by Kim (Hansen).
>that plus something i get a clean stream of air right
>into the holes, minus the leakage and stray air, a good embochure is needed,
>yes...but i found out that the true trick came when i rolled my tongue into
>a U-shape (aided by pressing both sides of my mouth together). the shape
>forms a channel for a narrow stream of air, that gave me a very clean single
>note and nice tone.

Although this may work, IMHO it is not such a good habit to get into.  It
will limit the range of tone, how you can bend notes etc.

   -- hugh

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