Re: My new amp!

> Randy writes:
> >They sound fabulous, but one's about to
> >blow (a common problem with the low-wattage Jensens).
> Don't even TELL me that!  Can they be reconditioned after they blow, or are
> they just toast at that point?

It's a very common problem with Jensens. I could explain why, but there's 
no need to overwhelm you with techno-geek stuff right now. They most 
certainly can be rebuilt - in fact, there's amp geeks all over America 
who specialize in rebuilding Jensens - including, no doubt, several in 
Chicago. Check "Vintage Guitar" magazine, which you should be able to 
find at any big newsstand. If you can't find it, leave me mail and I'll 
give you some names.

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