Re: overblowing

On Tue, 11 Oct 1994, Tim Wong wrote:

> So I have been playing for a while and just bending away, and now I find all
> this overblowing stuff going on.
> So I tried it out and can now play  4 5 and 6 overblows clearly, but it comes
> real slow on 4 and 5 with a rattle transition between clear notes.   On hole 6
> I am able to overcome the rattle (I can jump smoothly from blow 6 to clear note
> overblow 6 with no rattle or squeeks or hiss) but getting there is still slow -
> or the time from deciding to do it and it actually coming is slow.  No matter
> what I do 4 and 5 just keep howling before the overblow comes.  The Higher
> notes just sqeek when i try them and the lower notes don't do anything.  Is
> this just a matter of practice?

Try gapping the reeds closer together.
> Also, I am interested i what new tricks overblowing will give you, and how
> people are using them musically.
With the overblows and overdraws, you now have the capacity of a 12 tone 
instrument.  You should, in time, be able to play anything you want.  The 
overblows/draws to me are just another color to work with, but it lets me 
play really cool chromatic horn lines that leave the "traditional" harp 
player in this town somewhat envious...

-Chris Michalek

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