Re: My new amp!

Tim writes:
>Joe has confused me.


My first post in weeks and already I'm causing trouble!  I will be the very
first to admit that I know almost nothing about the technical side of these
speakers (although, thanks to my VERY knowledgeable friends here, I'm
getting better.)  All I know is that this thing is one of the finest
sounding amps I've ever heard.  I've played through and owned a whole bunch
of newer tube amps, and none of them sounds like this Tremolux.

To be entirely honest, I played through this amp when I saw it, asked its
price, and agreed to buy it BEFORE I even looked at the speaker.  The sound
sold it.  It could have been the finest gear from Fisher-Price and I would
have snapped it up for the same amount of dough!

Randy writes:
>They sound fabulous, but one's about to
>blow (a common problem with the low-wattage Jensens).

Don't even TELL me that!  Can they be reconditioned after they blow, or are
they just toast at that point?

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