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Hello all.  This is my first attempt to post to the list rather than an 
individual, so please correct me if I do it wrong.

For those in the Boston area:  Mai Cramer, host of "Blues After Hours" on 
WGBH FM 89.7 (I think that's the right number) will have Kim Fields in 
the studio next Saturday, October 15.  Her show (as I'm sure all locals 
know) goes from 10-1 a.m.

Also, gotta tell you--I saw Bluestime at The Underground in Chelmsford 
(about a mile from my apartment) several months ago.  The club is, shall 
we say, a "dog"--usually a Thrash venue.  But the band must've been there 
for a tune-up before the current tour?  Anyway, they were fantastic!  
Magic Dick was fine on the harp, of course, and sang well.  But the thing 
that impressed me was the groove the whole band maintained.  I've never 
heard a better drummer; the bass player used a lot of accoustic bass; the 
rhythm player was superb (stayed on rhythm instead of stealing the 
lead); and J. Geils played when he was supposed to--no ego trip here.  I 
couldn't believe my fortune at catching these guys that night--it was 
like a Christmas gift!

So, if you get a chance, see them.  They're a solid unit, and you won't 
be able to sit still listening to them.

BTW, the reason that the singer from the J. Geils Band isn't with them 
(sorry, I forget his name) I'm told is that he and J. are on the outs.  I 
didn't miss him anyway.

Dave Burns
Lowell, MA

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