Re: Harmonigopher FAQ

Hi Folks,

I've got alot to say about all this, but I don't have the time right
now (too damn many programs to do).

I'll just address (briefly) the things in this message (since I
thought I could do it quickly).  #:)

timm@xxxxxxxxxx (Tim Moody) writes:
>To Jack Ely,
>:    Perhaps selecting HARMONICA TYPES from the main menu could open up a 
>:    sub-menu such as....
>:      1. The 4 (?) major types of harmonica
>:      2. A brief history of the harmonica
>:      3. Development of the major types... (might come under #2 above)
>:      4. Detailed descriptions of various harmonicas
>:      5. ASCII layouts of ....(maybe include with #3 above)  

I like the thoughts Jack (and Winslow who started us off on this one).

>Jack, this is the Gopher. Why not a gif of the different layouts? ASCII
>varies from editor to editor. It seems more suitable to gopher use.

Tim makes a good point, we SHOULD use picture files to represent this
things.  But I think we should ALSO use the ASCII pictures.  Not
everybody in this wonderful CyberWorld have the neat-O picture viewing
capabilities that some of us have....  So we need to have some sort of
goodies for the TEXT-only viewers as well as the Fully Graphics
Capable systems (I use TEXT-only terminals most of the time myself).

Besides, I just LOVE Jack's ASCII Harps...they're so neat....


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