Re: HARP-L Digest V94 #204

>Date: 08 Oct 1994 21:21:40 +0700 (SST)
>From: Tan Cheng Ann <BA2319140@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: clean pucker?
>Message-ID: <01HI1QIUIO1E8ZEFEC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>hi guys...hope you can bear with another beginner's question.
>i am still having problems with getting a *single* clean tone...
>blow or draw. there is a lot of leak and no matter how much i narrow
>my lips, i get some air over the other holes. when i narrow my lips too much, 
>i can't get a nice tone (the air being too focused causes a sharp and thin
>tone). are wood combs more prompt to leakage ? or is it just my lousy
>playing? i just had more than an hour of was great.
>i seldom have chances like this. my roomate is not around. he went
>for a it's practice time! some of you guys practise in cars
>or when your wives are out buying groceries...what do you
>guys do to *steal* as much practice time as possible? i have evn tried
>playing with a blanket wrapped aroung my harp!!! ideas?
>well..hope you guys can help me out with the leaky playing too.
>-cheng ann
>*still with one harp only...saving for another one*

Hi Cheng Ann,

The only solution to a good pucker is *practice*. You'll get the hang of it...
I also have a problem finding a place to practice--my Malamute (Alaskan sled
dog) likes to howl along with my music! :)

Good Luck!

Tim (Harmoni-lurker)

Tim Schutte ab477@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Know Your Enemy/Know Yourself
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                                      | 			   -- Sun Tzu 

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