Re: Shaker Mic Story (was: Amps and Mics)

>If you mean me, Tim, I don't have a shaker. I currently use a new Astatic
>JT30VC. (I'm kindof like William Clarke, I use different mics from time to
>time.)I have heard lots of good things about Shaker mics. Joe Arless is one
>of the nicest people in the business. James Harman has great things to say
>about Shaker and Joe Arless. The only complaint I have heard about a Shaker
>is that it may take some getting used to, to hold.
>Tim Moody

I had the opportunity to play through a Shaker recently and holding it was
my primary complaint. I've been used to a JT-30 for so long, that's what
feels right. I didn't like the sound as much as the JT-30 either but that's
more of a personal taste thing.

What's the difference between an old JT-30, a new JT-30VC and a Blues
Blaster? Anybody know?

Rick Barker

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