Re: Harmonigopher FAQ

Hello harpers.

	Two posts from me in a day! Can you tell that the rush eased?

Winslo wrote.
> TO: internet:harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> I recently visited the Harmonigopher for the first time. What's
> there is a promising beginning, but one thing that seemed missing
> - and which has been mentioned or requested from time to time -
> is a section with answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the
> harmonica.
> We can build a Harmonica FAQ co-operatively on this list.

 	I rasied the question of a faq some weeks ago, 
in relation to another post, (forget which now).
I said I would supply the names of the harp suppliers in the U.K.
who seemed to be most important. 

No one commented?

Anyway, I wonder If I am best qualified, as I don't see a great  deal of
music mags. except Hi-Tech ones.

If wanted I could post my bit and get UK readers here to comment, add
stuff? Ireland must have a couple of stockists. (Micheal me bonny Irish
boy, are ye there?)

As I said, just now if its not a great problem, try and make the mail
header do the takling to me., or email me.

I really am sorry, I'm just so pushed. It the start of the new term,
and I have all these newbie students asking strange questions.
Mind you, all students ask strange questions as far as I can see.:-)


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