Re: Old Mystery (Happy Harmonica albums)

Christopher writes...


>The arrangements for the "Show Stoppers" album  was 
>done by the late Dave Doucette.


Thanks Chris, I didn't know that.

>BTW, Dave Doucette was a great person (as well as an excellent 
>player and arranger).  I was always amazed when he would 
>completely tune my badly out of tune (chromatic) 64 in a half hour 
>(without tuner or piano; he possessed perfect pitch) and charge me 
>just $5.  Another great player gone too soon.  Sigh...

Dave and I struck up a friendship at SPAH a few years back. We were both pipe 
smokers then (That was before everyone got on your case about smoking) and we 
were as likely to be swapping tobacco or showing off our latest pipe as we were 
to be talking harmonicas. One time I remarked about a pipe tamper he was using 
and he just gave it to me, saying "here, keep it". Now that wasn't a big deal 
to most but I will always remember him by that gesture. What can I say about 
his harmonica arrangements - they still amaze me - a little different, always 
something unexpected. I don't know how to describe his music. I have heard the 
former Big Harp group (He did most of their arranging) in person and on tape - 
now I will listen to the HH Show Stoppers with renewed interest. Thanks for 
posting that info. He was all you said - And I too sigh!

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